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Re: OPL3LPT : OPL3 FM Synthesis on parallel port

Are there any windows 3.1 users here ? Apparently an updated version of msadlib.drv was created, with support for OPL2LPT and OPL3LPT devices : https://github.com/andreiw/adlib21 I have WFG 3.11 on my current daily retro driver but no LPT devices to check, sorry for not being able to show up for …

Re: Newly made PCMCIA sound card

1) I have several laptops that would greatly benefit from a PCMCIA sound card that is both DOS (with correct SB emulation) and W3.11 compatible! 2) I have filled out the questionnaire! 3) I am ready for pre-orders and donations to make this happen! 4) (closely linked to 3) Shut up and take my money …

Re: Help with drivers

3.68, 5.23 (?) and/or 8.05 should give you the best performance in conjunction with Win9x. I personally have no experience with using the TNT on Win95 as opposed to Win98, but the ones most suitable for Win98 should be of good assistance performance-wise under Win95 as well... Detonator 2.xx is IIRC …

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