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Re: Uneven framerate / missing frames in WinXP

Excuse me? Is the USB mouse is via a USB to PS/2 adapter? We said need to try PS/2 moues directly. Otherwise the motherboard is the issue due to chipset quite not right especially with XP even it got a chipset driver installed? Your has dreaded 686B southbridge which does not play well with audio …

Re: Wrestling with PCI video cards

If memory serves, the fast and reliable DOS compatibility of NVidia cards lasted until and including the FX series. So, if you aim for a higher up PCI variety of a NVidia card (example 2MX400, 4MX440, MX4000 or 5200,) they should have you covered with regards to DOS compatibility. the Savage cards - …

Re: 3DFX Voodoo Banshee on DOS can't work

Cause I have this Voodoo Banshee for free, a friend of mine gave it to me. Tonite I managed to make work GTA, I am running through 3DFX on 800x600x16 in my system now upgraded to K6-2+ 450MHZ cpu. I am really impressed, on DOS it work really smoothly for that resolution. This is the right way isn't …

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