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Re: Force Feedback in NFS SE and NFS II SE?

Found 3rd party win7 / 10 driver for the Logitech " WingMan Formula Force [E-UA2]" wheel, in case anyone needs them: https://github.com/timschumi/logitech-wmff-driver#readme (haven't tested them yet) L.E. Here seems to be another one, from someone else (also adapted from a Saitek driver): https:// …

Re: Ultimate Packard Bell P3 / Voodoo3

Thank you Doornkaat! I'm sorry, i got the answer last night, and forgot to post here, and went to sleep. This is the first time i logged in today, and had the intention of posting (here) that the problem is mostly solved. (I say mostly, because if by any chance there is another identical cap on the …

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