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Re: Rarest CPUs?

8086-PGA 478 In that time period all high end processors are not easy to find. 1GHz Slot A Athlon Slot 2 processors Original Slot 1 Coppermine 1GHz (as it is easy to slap 370 on adapter and put it on slot 1, but is not original..) K6-III+ High end IBM and CyriX processors It's worth nothing that …

Re: Rarest CPUs?

How rare would you guys say the original 1000Mhz Athlon that won the "Ghz race" back in 2000 would be? http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/K7/AMD-Athlon%201000%20-%20AMD-K7100MNR53B%20A.html Probably not too rare because when I saw I almost shouted, "Finally, a CPU I have!" :lol: I've got one as well! A …

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