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Phantom drives after using intersvr/interlnk

Hi friends, after using intersvr/interlnk to shove some files from my Win98 laptop to my 486 laptop running Win95, suddenly I have 3 new "phantom" drives that show up in windows explorer. They show up with a size of 0 Kb and I when I click on one I get an access error, meanwhile Fdisk shows just my …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Here's mine: Bottom left: AMD K6-2/300 Bottom right: AMD FX-6300 Top: Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus Keyboards: IBM Model M keyboard 1987 & Razer multicolored LED backlight Mice: Precision Instruments Universal Serial and PS/2 & Razer Naga gaming mouse Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 215BW TrendNet TK- …

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