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Re: ESS SOLO-1 configuration problem.

All 3 are PCI cards. I guess this is either motherboards fault (one that doesn't put IRQ for PCI multimedia device) and drivers? All get 5 1 5 and 5 3 5 (for PCI detected IRQ)? None of cards have jumpers if I understood correctly that Solos thing. :D EDIT: I just tested original Aureal Vortex 2 I …

ESS SOLO-1 configuration problem.

I own 3 of these, all on ESS ES1938S chip and I was testing all 3 and I experience odd issues. On one of my machines it gets IRQ3 for PCI device and IRQs 5 3 5, on other devices it gets no IRQ for PCI and IRQs 5 1 5, in both situations I have SB music and no SB FX, any way to fix it? For some reason …

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