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Re: ESS SOLO-1 configuration problem.

All 3 are PCI cards. I guess this is either motherboards fault (one that doesn't put IRQ for PCI multimedia device) and drivers? All get 5 1 5 and 5 3 5 (for PCI detected IRQ)? None of cards have jumpers if I understood correctly that Solos thing. :D EDIT: I just tested original Aureal Vortex 2 I …

ESS SOLO-1 configuration problem.

I own 3 of these, all on ESS ES1938S chip and I was testing all 3 and I experience odd issues. On one of my machines it gets IRQ3 for PCI device and IRQs 5 3 5, on other devices it gets no IRQ for PCI and IRQs 5 1 5, in both situations I have SB music and no SB FX, any way to fix it? For some reason …

Glide wrapper for Win98?

I was looking for any glide emulator but I found nothing. I don't know if that's stupid idea or not but I'd like to run Glide games on machines without any iteration of Voodoo. Do any of these exist? I tried only nglide and it did install but run none of Glide games.

Re: Another noobish questions about Voodoo cards.

Yes, nowadays, and I think that's good, no matter which card, no matter if too fast, as for DOS and early 3D gaming all parts matter or game will be too fast. But again, what's the deal with V3 cards? I heard Velocity is too slow, and 2000, 3000 and 3500 are good to go but their clock speed is …

Another noobish questions about Voodoo cards.

1. I ordered hopefully fully working, another, Voodoo 2 CT6670 12MB but, if it won't be fully working I have alternative to 'fix' but in this worst case scenario which chips to reflow ? If damaged in any way windows won't detect and if will I guess I'll see glitches on screen even in SLI? 2. How to …

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