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Re: Pros and cons of sound cards

I forgot to mention I own older version of PCMIDI card so legit MPU401 is not a problem. 😀 Just sometimes I have to force unlock resources in BIOS as sometimes it collides with detection by driver. And AWEs don't support OPL? Not even OPL2?

Re: Pros and cons of sound cards

Thanks @Hezus, this is answer I was really looking for. 😁 But I must admit, I didn't think about anything from regular SoundBlaster Pro, maybe Pro 2? And I never heard about ESS and Sound Galaxy. 😀 I saw Gravis as LGR reviewed tho.

Pros and cons of sound cards

Hello again, guys, could someone help me to choose? I have a lot of sound cards, mainly for DOS till WinME games but I dunno which one to choose, I mean I have some of ISA cards and some of PCI cards and depends on setup I can choose: for ISA compatible mobos: AWE64 GOLD, AWE64 Value x2 and AWE32 …

Re: How to set volume in DOS mode with AV2

Actually I want to order this. 😀 http://www.serdashop.com/waveblaster. And well, DOS games that don't have CDDA work louder, with games like Monkey Island, Rayman I have sound effects but a lack of background music, CD is in drive (original games), audio cable connected correctly. How to fix it?

How to set volume in DOS mode with AV2

I have Aureal Vortex 2 sound card. I am aware it's not perfect solution for DOS gaming but I need to set volume in DOS mode for DOS games that don't work on my clean DOS setup. I have file au30mix.exe on HDD and seems it does work (including message to ask here for help xD) but I have no idea how to …

SC-88 and Duke3D hangs

I managed how to configure SC-88VL with my PC and it required reinstall OS, with win98SE in DOS mode didn't want to work. DOOM and DOOM2, both work amazing with Sound Canvas but with Duke Nukem 3D I have a problem. When I set it up on AWE32 everything work well but when I'll set up music card on SC …

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