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Re: ESS Allegro (ES1989S) silences itself

I installed different drivers and it stopped silencing itself but I lost DOS compatibility, when I managed to run DOS game while it was silencing itself I heard both digitizing sounds and music. In DOS mode I got only music as sound card wasn't properly detected.

ESS Allegro (ES1989S) silences itself

I just got this card, not sure if this means anything but chip is Allegro and not Allegro-1, and after successful installation of drivers I get PCI audiodrive, ESS device manager, DOS emulation and joystick and sounds work until sound manager lowers main sound to zero and I literally see bar …

Re: Is my ESS Maestro-2 broken?

Well, thanks for quick reply. 😀 That seems to be the case for CD-Audio, when I lower it improoves, with Midi I don't know but I'll test it. Also ES1989S aka ESS-Allegro on the way for this particular reason. This is my card:

Is my ESS Maestro-2 broken?

I got myself PCI card that finally works as PCI sound blaster to me. However, when I set digitized sounds and music to SB compatible what I hear is clean but when I set anything MIDI no matter port 240 (default) or 220 music crackles a lot what is unbearable to me. Is my card broken or is it normal …

Re: What PCI graphic for specific setup

Yup, I wanted something 'stronger' but paying for another one since ATI Mobility Radeon 7500C isn't that good (but 'forced legacy' driver changed my mind about it's crappinesss), FX5500 is good but for XP for me, S3s have more sense for DOS, so I have only one choice, that Matrox. 😀

Re: What PCI graphic for specific setup

The probem is either win95OSR2 or card itself, I mean I told you, mi amigo, I couldn't set FX5200 manually because of missing something in USER32.DLL? So I removed all those inits in regedit to remove startup errors and as I mentioned DirectX games were working and benchmark 99 forced me to use …

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