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Re: ALI Chipset vs AGP Card - K6-2 Commate S7AX

That's the later revision, D and E should be able to only cache up to 128mb. The G revision should do 512mb. I wonder if it works with k6-2+ and k6-3+ mobiles. It should work but can you test this? That's correct, rev. G has almost all bugs fixed. There should be no tag SRAM chip installed on such …

Re: 3dfx Voodoo 3 2000 PCI 16MB 7ns SDRAM

3Dfx had quality and volume related issues with their Mexican plant at Juarez after the STB purchase in 1998, so they outsourced some production to China. These cards are just as good as Mexican. At the very least, their GPU heat spreaders were glued better on average than on those Mexican cards.

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