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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Bugs and Deficiencies Summary

On my AWE64 the hanging note originates from FM side. Every once in a while during a game a constant tone gets triggered and it stays there until restart or when you mute FM. It seems doing full init on OPL3 doesn't silence it and doing note offs on all notes on all channels on MPU-401 doesn't have …

Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

After I'm done with my current project (that I will present soon) the next one involves something that will have SB16 compatibility among other things, but that's at least a year away due to other obligations.

Re: Resound OPL3 AdLib sound card just released

Two chips putting same data on the bus is less bad, there's far smaller fighting currents involved. It does work though, I have had a SB16 and YMF71x based card run side by side in past and it produced a nice chorus like effect due to real OPL3 on the SB16 and OPL3L in YMF71x having slightly …

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