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Re: Monitor for EGA card?

keropi wrote: The eBay converter will work but it won't be as good as the one I linked on my previous post. Better than nothing for sure - just not that good 😁 What makes the other one so good? I am willing to spend 20€ just so I have something to work with. I can upgrade later...

Re: Monitor for EGA card?

Kubik wrote: One EGA I've just missed on eBay had composite output as well. I don't know if that's a standard feature or not, but it would be also an possibility. Yes my Paradise HEGA has two chinch/RCA ports. Maybe there’s composite in one of them? I need a manual...

Re: Monitor for EGA card?

Hm, I looked on ebay and found this thing here: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Portable-VGA-RGB-CGA-EGA-YUV-TO-HDMI-Arcade-Game-Video-Output-Converter-Board-/222602617062 Price is cheap, and if it really works I think it’s a good option. Well for the CRT way you will need an EGA monitor - just get what you …

Monitor for EGA card?

I am working on a retro PC build, XT or AT with EGA card. I alteady have a Paradise HEGA card. What screens can I use? Are there converters or even modern LCD screens that process EGA video signals? Also, which CRTs are recommended if I want to go full retro?

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