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Re: CoolSoft MIDIMapper

I will uninstall MidiMapper tonight and put virtualsynth back in and see as you could be correct in that I only had the midi device selector and perhaps not the midi out option. on the AV stuff, I believe a large update to Windows 10 came out over the weekend or at least I know my windows defender …

Re: CoolSoft MIDIMapper

Current versions of VirtualMidiSynth cannot do the same thing on Win8/10 as CoolSoft MIDIMapper because of the completely missing default midi mapper. Not true, up until about a week ago, I still had virtualsynth installed and was using it on my Win10 - 64bit to select various soundfonts for use. I …

Re: Roland MT-200

Part 2 was uploaded last night and set public this morning. In this video I go more into how to set the actual date and time (Never seen the procedures for it so here you go), along with quite a bit more detail into disk drive functions themselves. https://youtu.be/USFq8O6-WRs

Re: DOSBox vs ScummVM at this point

I don't know...for me it depends on the game... See, with ScummVM I will always play stuff from Lucasart using it, but then when I want to play Loom through the Roland, I do that through Dosbox? not sure why..I just do? I also tend to still play the sierra stuff more through Dosbox although ScummVM …

Re: Roland MT-200

I found documentation online about this unit. Is it a good one to have for GM/GS games? I'd like to have that unit for games (for my Packard Bell Pack-Mate 28 Plus and another retro machine). Is there a KVM switch box that uses the 5-pin 180 degree DIN, and would it be possible to hook up multiple …

Re: Roland MT-200

I've done a quick video on this tech before, but after my frustrations with lack of information on the web about this specific sound module, I thought I would do a small sieres of videos detailing more about it and what I've discovered in using it. Here is part 1 where I cover the basics on the …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Played through KQ1 SCI version again for the first time in several years and then after that, streamed a play through of SQ1 (VGA) through Dosbox. Was always a fan of Sierra games since I first played the original AGI SQ1 on an Apple IIe back in 7th grade computer class!

Re: Roland MT-200

I know this is a necro-bump and bad etiquette on my first official post. However, it was this thread coming up in Google at the top of my search on the elusive MT-200 that lead me here to register and provide some more information. I too just recently picked up an older MT-200 for the same amazing $ …

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