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Re: AMD 5x86 X5-133

If you are interested in DVD playback on a socket 3, you might be interested in finding a Dxr2 decoder card. https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=225174#p225174 What do you think of using an ATI 3D RAGE II+DVD in a socket 3 board? What drivers do you recommend, what DVD playback software supports …

Re: My Ultimate VL/EISA 486

Yes, the 274x does have native support in Windows 95 and Windows 98. Perhaps I will put my GUS classic 2.2 into this computer. Since the drivers do not work under 98, I'll stay with Win95C then. I can find a v2.10 BIOS on the Adaptec website. My adapter has v2.11 already. Because the mainboard BIOS …

Win95 Performance of 2740W / 2742W

I'm using a U320 seagate 10K 36G hdd on my EISA 2740W controller. When configuring the BIOS with Compaq's ECU, there are speed options up to 10.0 MB/s only. HDD support is up to 8G with BIOS. Speed is 8.0 MB/s in DOS with BIOS 2.11 driver. After loading ASPI7DOS.SYS 1.42 I get 16.8 MB/s and full 36G …

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