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Re: AGP GPU for windows 98 fe se and windows 2000

I'm thinking 32mb ram or more but seriously the prices guys have you seen them on ebay? I'm not after the best I just need something to run on signed drivers for direct x with windows 98se that can run dos games and play some 1990's games what if it was just a motherboard with integrated graphics i …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

never mind darry it supports direct x 7 & 8 its just the drivers aren't signed I want a yamaha synth enabled soundcard that has signed drivers that labs quality bulldust microsoft makes inflation with

AGP GPU for windows 98 fe se and windows 2000

Hi :) Please help me .... Having given up on my 128mb ATI Radeon 6200 se having hardware acceleration in 9x I need to look for an AGP card with DVI that will run with Direct x hardware acceleration something direct x 9 signed Its for a pentium III system The more memory the better. My system dual …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

can someone please recommend a Microsoft hardware labs signed version of the ymf724 driver for windows 98se? i'm going to install windows 98FE just to get hardware acceleration otherwise i mean on windows 98se the 1040 driver isn't signed for dx6,7,8 or 9 lol If windows 98FE has dx6 then i have to …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

not all cards come out perfect they are sometimes slightly off is why in online shops there is disclaimers may be slightly different to display item. Anyhow I have had so much fun with my ymf724. The only thing that stirs me is the 1040 driver version is fantastic at sound but it is limited to …

Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

Hi I got an XWAVE pci soundcard has YMF724F-V chip. I'm in need of advice. Wanting its midi output on windows 98se, whats the best driver? Also, I need a download link. My system is a dual P III Abit VP6 (I use only 1 cpu for windows 9x) which has VIA Apollo Pro 133A (VT82694X) / VT82C686B chipset …

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