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Re: Dos 6 conventional memory tricks

Rawit wrote on 2021-12-15, 14:51: Yes, I made a bat to unload CuteMouse on start of Windows 3.11 to circumvent this issue. With CuteMouse loaded it wouldn't start or would start without a mouse. Sorry, I thought you were talking about windows 98. I use cutemouse and windows 3.11 on my 486 build, …

Re: Dos 6 conventional memory tricks

Note that I'm deliberately using the bloated Microsoft mouse driver v9 because of this issue with my BIOS, but MEMMAKER somehow manages to load it high. I came here for memory tricks but ended up with a new mouse driver. The Microsoft mouse driver v9 fixes a few things on my Cyrix MediaGX1 system. …

Re: Voodoo 2 SLI Issue

Unlucky we can't be sure one way or another since someone who is sure what evey pin of the sli connector does. The best guess is to hope that matze79 shows up he did great sli bridge connectors for sure he knows if a non twisted cable could give issues or if they bring voltage. My educated guess is …

Re: Voodoo 2 SLI Issue

Are you sure that the sli cable brings any voltage that could damage the card? I'm not sure but the floppy drives get the voltage from the berg connector, as the voodoo get the voltage from pci connectors.

Re: Floppy troubles

Yeah those external drivers are very cheap. I bought one from aliexpress a couple of years ago and it never worked fine, I had your very same problem. Then I found there are adapters to use the old floppy drives with usb, since then I use it without any issues with windows 10. That's interesting, …

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