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Re: Sound Blaster 16 Clones

This week I received a Terratec Maestro 32 (2nd edition) ISA Sound Card. This card is also WSS compatible. But my favorite games don't support WSS, I am talking about Tie-Fighter / System Shock etc. I tried swapping System Shocks miles drivers with unreliable success. Normally I thought SB-Pro mode …

Re: Sound cards for 486DX4-100 system?

Ok, so how about this: Turtle Beach Tropez Plus Sound Blaster Pro 1 (for dual OPL2 fun) PAS16 - Logitech version with no drive controller. Music Quest MPU-401 for some nice intelligent mode MT-32 support. Aztech I38-MMSD802 Should I replace one of these with an Ensoniq S-2000 or maybe with …

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