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Re: The Grand OPL3 Comparison Run!

I am confused. I just want a good sounding 486 build. I need to use ISA cards. What is the minimum chipsets I need ? Yamaha OPL chipset ? Sound Blaster chipset ? Crystal chipset ? I don't want to use a Roland MT-32 ( to hard to find good parts and I don't have the room for it ).

Turtle beach Monte Carlo ?

Hi, I just got in the mail a Turtle Beach Monte Carlo ISA sound card model # PCBSP16&2#31 p\n 500.2 Is this card any good? I want to use it in a 486 build with Win3x or should I use Win95 or Win98 ? It has a Crystal chipset CS4248-KL and a Yamaha OPL YMF-262-M chip. I bought it because I remember …

Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

I have a G4 too. After allot of trial and error I figured out that all I have to do is partitioned my hard-drive with one partition and install Mac OS tiger and then copy into it the Mac OS 9.1 system folder. Then in control panel setup to run 9.1 on startup along with tiger. Now you can run old …

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