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Fleet Defender Video Cards

Does anyone have any suggestions for 2D video cards to run MicroProse's Fleet Defender? Historically, I've had trouble running it on systems with Cirrus Logic cards. More recently, my S3 Trio 64 equipped system refuses to run it, which seems odd since I though the Trio 64 ran everything. In any …

Re: Riva 128 vs TNT vs M64 Pentium MMX

Sorry for the rather ranty post, but your last statement made so much sense to me that I could not resist sharing my unsolicited opinion . Feel free to disagree with anything I have said or to correct me if I have somehow misinterpreted you . I don't disagree at all. You captured what I was saying …

Re: Riva 128 vs TNT vs M64 Pentium MMX

I use a Creative-branded TNT PCI with 16MB in my P233MMX. It runs very well with everything I've tried up to Unreal. I had been considering buying a Riva128 or a Rendition card to replace the TNT for "period accuracy," but based on some of the comments above that doesn't sound like a worthwhile " …

Re: Mismatched Voodoo2s in SLI

Not to bring back old threads, but I was finally able to figure this out. The Fast Voodoo driver has some sort of default overclock built in, you can disable it by setting everything to "default." Once I did that, everything got better instantly, much better image quality.

Falcon 3.0 Build

I'm planning to build a computer aimed at Falcon 3.0, Fleet Defender, and the Sierra Aces series through Aces of the Deep DOS. I have a Pentium 100 and a Pentium 233, so I don't need a build that can handle any later DOS titles--probably 1993 at the latest. A 486 would seem to be they way to go. The …


I tried transferring my copy of Wing Commander 1 from my GOG Games folder to a folder on one of my DOS PCs. When I try to start the main game in DOS, I get a searching for disk error accompanied with an activation of the floppy drive. When I try to start Secret Missions 2, the computer restarts. I …

New/Next Projects

I'm trying to figure out what direction I should take for my next build/project. Currently, I have four retro computers on my desk: A late-95/early-96 vintage Zenith-branded Pentium 100 Mhz with an OptiViper chipset and a Diamond-branded S3 Trio64V+ and Aztech sound card for DOS 6.22/Win 3.11 A …


in Milliways
There were several downloadable add on cars for Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit in the late-90s: Ferrari 456, Jaguar XKR, Lister Storm, etc. They used to be readily available on several sites, but I can't seem to find them anymore. Does any have a good lead for where I might be able to find them.

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