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Re: GLX Player the only XT player ? Check Mod Master...

in Marvin \ Sound
I also saw in the last post from LABs that the BlasterBoard output is 12 Bit with an interpolation. I will see with him if he can implement 16 Bit DMA command to 12 Bit. It can be fun to test. OMG 🤦 where did you see it in my last post? There is no such thing, BB has an 8-bit DAC. A long time ago I …

Re: Welcome to the updated VOGONS

in Milliways
Oh.. That's vivid and.. childish.. The main disappointment is that text is harder to read now, especially the topic lists - they just meld into one mass of text. And generally this kind of design does not match with the bunch of obsessive-compulsive introverts that our community is. Cannot say what …

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