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Looking for prepgame file

in DOS
Hello! I'm looking for prepgame file. It is said this file is a part of GUS driver suite for DOS. Where I can find this file or whole GUS driver pack for DOS? Prepgame should be placed inside GUS or GUS PnP driver pack. Gravis ftp and www site only has windows driver, google only says about such …

Re: [patch] DAC on LPT1, covox emulation added

At the beginning the wind blows. If go on wall there is sound like from early arcade figting games. There is no background music in game. Only if I win battle with tentacle short music plays. Maybe you should adjust volume in ALSA? To hear it I have to move PCM slider to the 75%. There is ping when …

LPT DACs in stereo

Hi! This patch is not finished yet. It is just the same as 'DAC on LPT1, covox emulation added' previous patch but with little fixes and first attempt to stereo implementation. I finally understood how LPT stereo DACs autodetection works and since this patch dosbox tells DOS applications about …

Re: [patch] DAC on LPT1, covox emulation added

This patch emulates raw DAC on LPT. If any game does some kind of autodetection by sending special codes and listening to special answers it will not work. If somebody knows such secret codes there is room for improvements. I checked Pinball Fantasies in covox mode - works.

Re: [patch] DAC on LPT1, covox emulation added

Nice! Good work! Cool Thanks :happyhappy: There is still missing support for stereo on LPT. I do not know if any game makes use of it. If not there is no need for digging support for it. I found so far 4 types of stereo on LPT: Method 1: 2 DACs on 2 LPT ports = 2 channels = stereo (which LPT is …

AUDIO - DAC on LPT1, covox emulation added

Hi! This patch adds to dosbox support for the following sound cards: LPT DAC Covox Speech Thing Intersound MDO Compability with Disney Sound Source is preserved. After applying patch and setting disney=true in dosbox.conf all this hardware is emulated. Patch tested with today's CVS version. The …

Re: QUERY: MS-DOS sound drivers for today's MB w/ builtin sound cards

in DOS
Modern mainboards with no ISA slots sometimes can not emulate ISA sound on PCI soundcard. That was in my case. I had 2 mainboards: Abit NF7-S 2.0 (no ISA, nForce2 chipset) and Lucky Star K7VAT+ (1 ISA slot, KT133A chipset). SB Live! and Audigy in pure DOS with special driver works great in SB16/ …

Re: Munt with CM-32L

If you want CM-32L emulation with munt and have ROM files do not rename anything. Just copy CM32L_* files to windows/system32 directory where MT32* files are already. Munt autodetects CM32L_* files and use them instead of MT32_*.

disney sound source/covox in stereo ?

Does dosbox support LPT soundcards in stereo? I found information that stereo LPT sounds was done in 2 ways: a) two LPT ports with two connected DSS b) one LPT with one DSS. The left/right channel switching is done via signaling on pin #1 of LPT port - the STROBE signal.

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