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Re: what SSD for XP ?

Looks like old versions of the Samsung Magician software are hard to find even with archive.org. Tried hard to find a verifiable source, just found some obscure french archive of old software. 4.9.7 is the last release before many features were pulled, not sure it will give you everything you want …

Re: what SSD for XP ?

I've always wondered if making the partition(s) smaller than the available space on the disk keeps some blocks ready for writing? Also, if some SSD firmware is smart enough to do its own garbage collection even without a trim aware operating system? Personally, I just USB boot a trim aware OS for …

Re: Windows 8.1 installation/activation on a new pc

in Windows
If you do have to phone up to complete activation, your licence permits what you want to do. Once activated you can "upgrade" to Windows 10, activate online and that licence will be tied to the new hardware for automatic online activation without a product key, should you then choose to do a clean …

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