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Aztech Sound Galaxy 16 pro can't enable mpu-401

Hi I recently set up my sound galaxy 16 pro on my 486 and when trying to enable mpu-401 in the config it hangs the setup and doesn't apply the change. Also trying to set the settings to full defaults hangs (presumably for the same reason as mpu-401 is supposed to be enabled by default). Has anyone …

PSU transplant

Hi I have an old DEC Pentium machine that I'm trying to restore. It has a proprietory PSU for the low profile case and I have managed to find one with the right dimensions but its AT and the motherboard is ATX. So the first question is if anyone knows of a way to convert AT to ATX? as I guessing it …

Sbc and other bits

Hi. I bought the following as a cheap recycle for gold for parts job lot - https://imgur.com/gallery/rKqdMSc I was going to scavenge the cache and processor but decided to buy a cheap backplane and see if anything works, and they do, at least to post. I've never dabbled in this kind of thing before …

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