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Socket 7 and mmx

Hi I've recently acquired an Olivetti xana 53-120 which is a pentium 120 in a socket 7 mobo. The mobo is visually identical in every way to a socket 5 mobo found in a different model (Olivetti m24) apart from the cpu sockets being different. Jumpers etc all seem identical. There isn't an AGP port. …

Re: Olivetti M24 New P133

I know that this is an old post but I just got an olivetti p120 with the same mono, did you ever find out anything about the jumper settings? Hallo, download this from my mega: https://mega.nz/file/9Z5hiKrY#cv9-D5_8kyMk9-dDbDpHBbhdYPTV3Xg8r0z4X9uke3w Are guides for your computer if it has the same …

Re: Jumper in 3DFX Banshee

I've just ordered one of these as it was the card I has back in the day. I was scouring the net for info (including here). I found a copy of the manual at falconfly.3dfx.pl, it's in Russian so a bit of pasting into a translator is required, just scanning the diagrams etc. not sure if the jumpers …

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