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Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

@igna78 the search continues for pcmidi components - I cannot lie though: we have been keeping some tens of pcmidi parts to be used on Orpheus II so it can also exist in the wild... but when another stock is found it will be used for the rest of the cards :) I knew "my PCMidi daughter card for …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

Wonderful! I book now for one (I guess it will be starting complete with intelligent MPU). Maybe Orpheus II and the PCMIDI daughterboard for MK8330 come home together (my poor MK8330 card feels bare without it ;-) My birthday is in September, are you thinking of getting me a present? :-) (i.e. being …

Re: 20th Anniversary of Vogons

in Milliways
Thanks for existing Vogons and thanks to all of you guys for what you do, advice, projects, help you give. Thanks everyone, thanks Vogons 🎁🎊🎉 Grazie tante Vogons! 🇮🇹

Re: SC-55mkII not working

Hi, regarding your problem, I think it is due to the large capacitor on the power line: it is evident that it has leaked from below (i.e. the capacitor needs to be replaced .. and see to respect not only the polarity during installation, but also voltage, capacity and operating temperature of the …

Re: Missing chip on CT2770 soundblaster

Hi, I believe that in order to be able to find a CT1748 chip, your only chance is to find a no longer working SoundBlaster 16 that mounts it and hope that it works. I searched (in vain) for that chip for years without finding it and I was looking not for a chip to solder but, the most common (so to …

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