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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Considering 3Dfx prices in the last few couple of years, as well as PCX2 and M3D cards that I've seen come and go for 100$+, I'd say that's actually a pretty good price for this card and the concept is great as well, really digging it. Love these community projects, we have so many choices these …

Re: Ultima IX issue - Lag on loading books

in Windows
I've had this exact issue on countless systems when trying to run Ultima IX. I'm afraid there ain't much of a solution, it seems to be tied to the Direct3D renderer. Perhaps you could try a Glide Wrapper such as the original dgVoodoo, I remember the problem going away when using a 3dfx card.

Re: Voodoo 1, 2, and 5 questions

It was slow, but we just accepted it at the time because we didn't really know better and our idea of smooth gameplay was very different from today. Videocards were actually fast enough, it was mostly CPUs that were holding those games back. Pair a single Voodoo2 with a fast CPU and run games from …

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