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Re: Connecting 2 soundcards to one speaker

^ Do that. Don't connect multiple outputs directly to each other. For line-level outs, it's... probably... okay... most of the time... since the outputs normally have a 100R resistor or such in series with the output, to protect it from shorts, but if you have card A driving a full positive signal …

Re: My thought on integrated video chipsets

You may call Intel GPUs of the time lacking, but you can't argue with the price. And that is why Intel is now the biggest GPU vendor (and AMD is on its platform), and there is no market anymore for low-end to mid-range GPUs. Nor audio cards, network cards, I/O cards... Integration of video was kind …

Re: Sound Blaster Pro 1 (Dual OPL2-) Clone?

Isn't SB Pro's dual OPL2 support only relevant for like... the demo tune played by diagnose.exe and that's about it? Most of the software that actually used 2xOPL2 (all three games or whatever) seemed to prefer Media Vision's addressing. So if dual OPL2 is important to you, that's probably the …

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