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Need ID on Voodoo 3 component

Hey guys, after many years of not having a running Pentium 2/3, I was lucky to find a coppermine Pentium 3 motherboard in the scrap yard today and have it up and running. However.. while going through my old parts I've discovered my voodoo 3 seems to have half died (it's displaying vertical jailbars …

Re: Voodoo 1 card in 486

My friend had a 486dx 100mhz and was one of the very first people to have a voodoo 1, it was plenty fast enough for those early 3dfx games. No problem. Hardly any slower than the pentiums if at all.

Re: Ark Logic PCI, an interesting VGA card.

Hey guys a quick google search led me here after finding an Ark Logic 2000MI+ on the floor of my garage tonight. Amazingly it works despite having lost it's eprom sticker who even knows how many years ago.. I couldn't quite remember why I owned this card.. as my card of choice in these times was an …

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