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Re: What will we do when IPv6 is fully adopted?

IPv4 won't be going away anytime soon. IPv6 adoption is not progressing too quickly, and many, many legacy systems still depend on IPv4. You can always use a network bridge between your IPv4 client and the IPv6 network. This. There are translation mechanisms that allow IPv4 clients to remain viable. …

Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Not sure if anyone else is interested, but bicubic and/or Sinc/Lanczos based scaling would be interesting too. Is the blurring that you get with the overlay , ddraw , and opengl outputs not enough for you? What is the reason for blurring sharp images? Aren't those based on bilinear interpolation? …

Scalers and supported resolutions

Is there any documentation available about the resolutions that are supported by each scaler option? As you may have noticed, the scalers are not always used and this apparently depends on the current resolution. Adding "forced" to the scaler option will enable the scaler for all supported …

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