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Re: Advanced Disney Sound Source prototype

I think nothing for DSS, signals should be the same in LPT port. About covox - the diff is in FIFO stack, I dunno how it does with covox sw. The board is even not alpha, it's pre-alpha prototype, didn't tested yet. If anyone has a wish to test - welcome, I have DIY IC only (RCL you should find …

ISA8 projects

ISA 8 bit NE2000 board. this is preview: https://cdn1.savepice.ru/uploads/2018/12/19/6e1dff54fa00d5e1c8c9d171b74ad142-full.png https://cdn1.savepice.ru/uploads/2019/1/23/443aff1f1f4db211d57784f1f2115303-full.jpg ISA 8 bit Realtek VGA board in production, green/red/blue - 5 each: https://cdn1. …

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