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Looking for Frederick Feline-LT Driver

Looking for the drivers for a Frederick Engineering Feline-LT card. It's a protocol analyzer that uses a Zilog Z85C30 series chip and plugs into the T3100SX expansion bay. _DSC0355r.png IMG_1804r.png I'd never really thought much of it in the past. But time has passed this seems an interesting piece …

Re: What retro hardware you killed today or in the past :(. Killing spree stories+serial killers are welcome.Rest in pieces.

Not exactly vintage, but retro. Got an old m-itx pentium m board. It ran, then smoke started billowing out from the cpu cooler and the chipset and it died. Ram and psu survived, nothing else. Investigation turned up that some caps went south and ruined the fets. And the rest is history. I'm thinking …

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