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Re: Yamaha YMF7x4 Guide

There is some info about fake yamaha cards - I got SV550 YMF724F made in China - just finished cleaning and I had to remove the sticker from the back and then - hello - damaged soldermask. I've noticed some darker spots in other places. It works with original drivers. I wonder if this is a fake.

Re: How to test midi on sound cards?

I want to test how different samples sound on different sound cards - and determine which one I like the most - basically for fun of using old hardware. MIDI is not going to have a difference between sound cards, unless the sound card in question has bugs in its MIDI implementation, because as …

Re: How to test midi on sound cards?

I'll check players from this site: http://dosprograms.info.tt/sound.htm - GSplay and DOSMid seem nice + some midi files I can find that seem to be well prepared. I was asking for midi players as there are some players that actually simulate midi by software processing - but I see that DOS ones have …

How to test midi on sound cards?

Testing the sound in general is quite obvious - but what about midi? I was trying games at first but its not that straight forward and I don't have many games with good midi - and its hard to get them nowadays - also not very optimal to buy them just to test sound ;) I even found a demo of Secret of …

Re: Best Drivers for GeForce4 MX-440

I recently got GF4 MX440 by Gainward and all benchmarks fail to run with newest drivers + directx 8.1 - I had to go back to ~40 version. Anyone got similar experience? Weird as my GF2 MX (as I remember) works fine with latest drivers and it is older.

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