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Re: Screamer 2 - low FPS on Pentium 200MMX

Amazing how demanding this game was at that time - it may be true that my memory is not correct - or I accepted lower fps back then. For sure my 15" CRT screen was better to see it than my current 17" LCD. On AMD K6-2 350MHz though its pretty good - and at least runs in highest settings (on 200MMX …

Screamer 2 - low FPS on Pentium 200MMX

Hey, this is my first post here :) Screamer 2 was always one of my favourite games - I remember playing it when I had Pentium 120MHz with 64MB of RAM in the middle of 90's. There are 4 modes - low res - low color, hi res - low color, low res high color and hi res high color. Back then I remeber …

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