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Re: USB ISA cards?

Hi, @Cyberluke Do you have experince in the CH375/CH376 Code ? It seems that the Command =0Ah and =0Bh can be used to do multiple sub commands. In the Driver, they are used to so things I can't identify... These "Advanced" Command are not present in the BIOS. For example: mov ah, 31h ; '1' call …

Re: USB ISA cards?

Hi, long time no see 1) do you have github or some website or cloud storage for this project? 2) what is A1? I can burn eeprom there 2) I bought it on Aliexpress, twice. The chip manufacturer is WCH. They already have this DOS driver for usb storage. I had some communication with them. I have links …

Re: USB ISA cards?

Hi, Here is the V0.22 Driver version, with 286 supported and some small changes. 30/06/22 V0.22 - BUG Fix : IRQ and Speed parameters were reversed, so the Speed was 3 by Default - 286 Version tested on 286 8MHz - Some Useless code removed - Added some display : DOS Version, Chip Version, Partition …

Re: CVX-2 : covox adapter

dreamblaster wrote on 2022-05-22, 15:43: Made a new video showing Lunatic demo (from 1993, Extreme) played on CVX4 : https://youtu.be/HNt5Tlx6sAY Hi, You sent me some devices to implement in Mod Master, but you have not done video with it so far 😀

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