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Re: E-Wave : an ESS based waveblaster card

in Marvin \ Sound
My "Green S2 + ESS bundle" arrived today. Have been playing around with both entire evening. I own SC-55, MU50 and Buran X3MB. I have to admit E-Wave produces very unique 90ies sound while S2 being good it sounds like regular SC55 clone. I had back in a days one of the cheap ESS based wavetable add- …

Re: Orpheus II soundcard thread

in Marvin \ Sound
Satisfied Orpheus I owner signing in here. Out of all my dos cards/modules only GUS is missing. With current ebay prices I'd rather shell out same 200+ EUR for replica with modern audio grade analog output. Also last but not least I think engineers like keropi truly deserve our AAA+ level incentives …

Re: Ultimate multi-sound card setup?

in Marvin \ Sound
System: PIII 933 Slot 1 Win98 + DOS 7.1 (with L1 cache on/off for 386 level speed sensitive games) Main DOS: SB32 CT3670 for SB/SB16/AWE games (Adlib/Creative FM disabled) Main Win98: Yamaha YMF744 PCI for Win98 with basic EAX/A3D support. In DOS only FM enabled for authentic Yamaha OPL3 External …

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