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Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

That's not it - sometimes fixing one game's issue will break another. Sometimes reimplementing a function in a faster, better way may break compatibility. It all interacts. The more you fix, though, hopefully the less you'll see this happening. Why not fine someone to test all the games that work …

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

every few minutes sprites (like life leech alt-fire) go into the floor for a few seconds, its annoying but I dont think its worth fixing and it might just be my graphics card Dont bother fixing this you have worked hard enough on blood already

Re: Fix for Blood

Stiletto wrote: Thanks - I was confused by all the Unregistered's in this thread, I think there was more than one. Shouldn't your picture be of DuffMan, not Mo? 😉 were can i find a picture of duffman?

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

I just compared v007b4, v007b5 and v008a2, the cobweb thing only happens on v007b5, v007b4 has slightly less framerate but not significenty enough to be unplayable. Paul can u compare sources of the old v007 and v007b4, v007 doesnt look like its windowed with the white lines at the end of the …

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

I just downloaded openglide v0.008a2 and it fixed the framerate problem I was having, grand theft auto works fine aswell and theres no rectangles looming and disappearing everywere. I reckon the new version should have v0.008a2 included

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

I find I can't always start it from the GLidos button under XP, and then the mouse doesn't work. And the installation instructions are going to be a nightmare. strange, the glidos button always works for me, and I'm not sure what u should do about the mouse because it doesnt work on the regular …

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