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MB with IOMMU and virtualization recomendations please

in Milliways
Hi, Can someone please recommend a MB with hardware pass-thru and virtualization (IOMMU and VT-x / AMD-V.) Something maybe 2 or 3 years old. Also, what hardware are you passing through to the VM and which VM software are you using? My primary use is programming (Assembly and C/C++) and system …

Process Explorer or Similar for Win 3.x

in Milliways
Hi, I am trying to find a program that will run in Win 3.x that will show the processes running and the location in memory. Is there such a thing? I can only find version 10.6 of Process Explorer (is there earlier version somewhere?) and Enhanced Task Managers seem to just show programs running. On …

DR DOS 6.0 CDROM driver

Hi, In DRDOS 7.0 there is nwcdex.exe, but there doesn't seem to be a similar file in DRDOS 6.0. I never really used this version, and the manuals seem to be a bit difficult to locate online. Do I just use mscdex.exe? And oakcdrom.sys. Regards, Craig

Is there a Win 95 Internals book?

in Milliways
Hi, So I have been enjoying Undocumented DOS and learning more about DOS. Along with a few surprises, I thought I was ok at DOS, but it appears that I knew "3 parts of bugger all" (Aussie slang for not knowing much at all.) Then it occurred to me that I don't have a Windows 95 Internals book. Is …

Happy for having old Hardware/Software

in Milliways
Hi, So with all the BS going on in the world, I am very happy to have a Pentium 3 running Windows 95/VS6.0/MASM. Just need MP4's and MP3's sorted and it should be just that little bit better. No social media, and I'm just about to turn off my Samsung S9, although I am considering running up one of …

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