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Re: Making a new soundfont for the AWE 64

t9999clint wrote: kolderman wrote: I actually bought the VCGS4MV4 font and I like it more than the stock 8mb sf from creative. I pretty much only use it. Don't think I've heard of that one yet, how much did it cost? Is it still for sale? Believe it is this one here: http://www.voicecrystal.com/ …

Re: S3 AGP Cards (and possibly others) Too Bright

Help! I run the debug.exe with the instructions: o 3c4 08 o 3c5 06 o 3c4 1a i 3c5 But the output value i get is 1F. When I take away 0x20 it is a minus number obviously. What should I do? Ed: Wow, I followed these instructions instead and it worked! Wonderful! o 3c4 08 o 3c5 06 o 3c4 27 i 3c5 o 3c5 …

Voodoo5 settings for Half Life

I would like Half Life 1 to look as good as possible with the Voodoo5. I found 2x anti-aliasing to be the better balance between quality and performance. But what about other settings: - mip map dithering - trilinear filtering - detail bias - vertical sync What is a good combination of settings? I …

Re: KVM Switches

I currently use a Lindy 4-port VGA/PS2/audio (powered). It has both buttons and hotkeys, TBH I actually prefer the hotkeys and I don't notice any input lag as a result, I play mainly oldskool FPS. One of the PCs outputs through a DVI->VGA adapter. I also have a near identical ServerLink model which …

Re: Alternative to 3dfx 3D card for TR1

Wanting to build a late DOS rig that can handle the 3D titles like TR1, Descent 2 and etc. but can't seem to find a voodoo 1 board at a sane price so is there a viable option here? Banshee or Rush perhaps? I find Banshee generally more expensive the Voodoo1, and you probably don't want a Rush …

Voodoo5 screen position adjustment

The Windows 98 desktop and games are offset by about 10 pixels to the left. I can use the lcd controls to move the image, but I have other pcs hanging off this screen with a kvm and they don't need the adjust. I can't see in the driver control panel where to change position...is there a way?

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