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Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

I just compiled and tested DOSBox with SDL2 support and it fixed random KeyUp events in at least one of the titles I experience the problem (Megarace 2). It also fixed DOSBox alt-tab behaviour and I think mouse movement in-game feels more native (I need to properly test this though). Compiled …

Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

Please note that creators of SDL urge every project to abandon SDL1.2 (which does not receive updates at all at this point) and move to SDL2 - I think it's very likely to be a problem on the interaction between SDL1.2 and desktop environment. I will pick one of patch series implementing SDL2 to …

Re: Dosbox dropping pressed keys?

I see this problem in several games in 0.74-2 and can still reproduce it in 0.74-3 (revision 4241). It can be reproduced in practically any game, but sometimes it's quite hard to do so (due to e.g. level design). It's easiest to reproduce in Megarace 2, as it's a racing game and depends on pressing …

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