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Re: Last vídeo of LGR

in Milliways
Last video... I want to cry... Heaven... Do you realize it made me think he died? Just for a few seconds but that's enough 😉 Latest video would be better 😉 Anyway - it's awesome. It's like pharaoh's tomb or something like that 😳 I could spend whole vavcations there 😁

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Started playing a cool little RPG from 1992, Amberstar. Don't know much about it, but it seems to have a good reputation. Looks good so far. Amberstar is one of the best games ever and Ambermoon is the best one! That's an Amiga game as far as I know and a very acclaimed one too. As far as I know It …

Re: New DreamBlaster S2 !

appiah4 wrote: Only games with wavetable / general midi support can make use of the S2 otherwise you are limited to regular Adlib/Sound Blaster music. Thanks! General MIDI can play only through gameport or also through WT interface?

Re: New DreamBlaster S2 !

Sorry, if this is stupid question, but I can't find exact answer anywhere. I have ESS 1869F card with WT header. If I buy S2 board and connect it to my soundcard, what should I set in games' setup? In Doom, there is "Wavetable" option. In some games there is "General midi" option. In other games, …

Re: My first DOS build

For DOS, you won't do much better than that. 16MB is plenty, and the Cirrus chip is pretty decent as well, provided it's on a 32-bit local bus. If you wanted to dabble in Win95, I would bump the RAM to 32 or even 64MB. Otherwise, no need. Thanks for advice. On the page with MB specs is table with …

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