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Shuttle HOT-327

edit: I'm just going to keep using this thread for my problems with this build, the cache issue is solved, see below for new issues ^^ Ok, I'm at a loss here... I got a nice little 386DX40 board from a box of stuff: https://www.arvutimuuseum.ee/th99/m/S-T/32636.htm HOT327.jpg The board had two …

Re: Retro PC Case

interesting, I guess those cases were primarily made with slot CPUs in mind, most that I see around seem to have PII/PIII slot systems inside, I also remember having a case like that with a PII system around. the posted one still seems to be a newer case though.

Re: Retro PC Case

that PSU placement can actually help with cooling, especially with SLOT cpus. original ATX designs were built with PSU airflow in mind. you shouldn't put a normal socket cooler with a fan that counteracts the PSU fan there of course. according to wiki the original idea with ATX was to draw air into …

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