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Re: How good is Glidos?

I'm running under Win2K and I have this problem too. I've found a simple workaround: when the Core logo anim appears at the beginning of the game, I just do a blind left click to make sure the game screen is put forefront and that's it - the taskbar won't never pop up.

Re: A good joystick fix for ya

VDM sound only emulates two joystick buttons... Actually VDM can emulate up to 32 buttons. It's just that the original Tomb Raider was hardcoded for four buttons max. As Snover suggests, JoyToKey is the ultimate tool to override this behaviour and doesn't require to buy any specific hardware. It …

Re: Re: Using 3DFX mode on Incubation

I'm not sure which the current favorite third-party drivers are right now. It's not necessarily the most recently updated ones. From what I've recently heard, the latest drivers from 3dhq (formerly 3dfx Underground) have proved themselves really efficient for all APIs - Glide, D3D and OGL. I …

Re: TR1 glitches

Thanks, it greatly helped indeed. And no problem with the shadows whatsoever. Anisotropic makes the whole trip even more enjoyable 😀 http://namida.com/kaminarimon/tmp/tr1_02.jpg

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

In TR the slight shimmering is because TR is generating the triangle apexes only to the accuracy necessary for 640x480. If you run Glidos at 1280x1024 then triangle apexes will only be on points with even coords. The PS1 version of TR is targetted at 320x240, so this effect is far worse if you use …

Re: TR1 running too slow

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad that it helped too :P Actually I was talking about the mipmapping feature in the video menu of TR (which only appears in the Glide version AFAIK), not about the master switch in OpenGlide (which I always leave enabled). For some reason, enabling the ingame …

Re: Bilinearly interpolating blood

Glidos wrote: made it look like the walls weren't solid because they flap around a bit. I don't know whether it's related to the problem you described or not, but I've noticed a very similar effect in TR. Though it's very slight and not really disturbing.

Re: TR1 glitches

Thanks Paul, that did it! The shadow's back (not so fake after all -- and much useful at that)! As for the vertical lines, I too was thinking about that possibility. It's not a big deal, it's rarely noticeable and hardly distracting in the course of the game. Now I'm a happy Raider 😁

TR1 glitches

Hi Paul and everyone, I've just registered Glidos and it was money well spent :) Tomb Raider has never looked so beautiful. I've been a long time TR fan on PSX, but the Glide version looks as a completely new game on my GF2 Ti :D Aside from the small pain of configuring VDM and making all the …

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