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Re: Tseng labs ET4000AX - no color = problem

Excuse the bump, but I was just about to start a thread for this, and then happened to find the solution here. The exact same scenario: New 386 build, ET4000AX, and a monitor only displaying in monochrome. The monitor is a Compaq 1024: Compaq1024.PNG Weirdly enough I have a "newer" (but still pretty …

Re: MicroProse Resurrected!

in Milliways
https://store.steampowered.com/search/?publis … rose%20Software Bit of a mixed bag of upcoming titles, but certainly on brand. I particularly like the look of the two old school tactical shooters. Early access is a bummer; I've walked that path too many times. But I'll follow progress.

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

IMG_20191121_210327.jpg This is a sweet setup. I need to get me a all-in-one 486 one day. The desk is quiet unusual with that double shelf setup - is that how the desk came or did you make that yourself? It's an Ikea Jerker, which was a modular desk popular with computer folk as well as music …

Re: Ultimate Music Tracker Base

in Milliways
Yesterday I was searching for a DOS tracker that would support both OPL3 and external MIDI. Wikipedia clued me in to All Sound Tracker, googling that name landed me on your site, then after that I found this thread where you had just learned about it and added it. One of those funny coincidences …

Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

Arctic Fox blew my mind back in the day! arcticfox_9.gif This thread made me think about this old YouTube video of Flight Simulator 4.0 running on a 700 MHz Pentium III machine with a Hercules Graphics Card clone, connected to an IBM 5151 monochrome monitor. It runs incredibly fluently, with the …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

Cheers! The desk is an Ikea Jerker, a great modular product that they should never have discontinued. The shelves have a steel support running the length, but if you view full size you can still see them bowing slightly under the weight. There are now some discreet wooden blocks in the middle to add …

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