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Re: Zone 66

Zone 66 is a very, very picky game. It must be run with nothing else in memory. Not even a memory manager or EMS/XMS, none of that. Make sure the settings match what's in your DosBox config. I was able to run the game with sound using GUS support and music. In fact, the GUS is the best way to listen …

Master of Magic's MIDI driver

This driver takes a long, long, long time to initialize when playing the game. But's also the only driver that seems to play the music fully without overlapping channels (the adlib one works alright, but can't play all the sounds at once.) Is there any way to fix this? MIDI drivers don't take nearly …

freezes, comments on db063

Excellent work on 0.63 -- I just upgraded from 0.61 and there were tremendous optimizations that made my games run smoother. However, one problem I've been having still persists. There's an old game called Bio Menace (by Apogee) that was insanely hard to get to work correctly in the first place. Now …

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