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Re: "low-cost" PCI gaming videocard

Tradera seems to have some okay stuff on it from time to time, better for Europeans I'd think, https://www.tradera.com/en/category/340854 I've bought a lot of vid cards this year, even though I shouldn't be buying anything really, most I've paid is $20 each for 3 NIB 6200 PCI off eBay, down to a …

Re: Assorted sound card combinations

by far the most foolproof option would be an ESS Solo-1 PCI card, i.e. the Terratec Solo-1. Common, dirt cheap and pretty foolproof - and gets you rock solid MIDI. I'm not sure how the sound quality compares with the Terratec but I got a Labway LWHA331D60 its a Solo-1 with wavetable header and pc/ …

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