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Re: Turbo XT woes

You can also leave as little RAM as you can and test single bank - if you stumble upon error - it contains bad chip - replace half of the chips with chips you removed... That is what I was going to suggest. Take all out but bank 0 and test, if passes then install bank 1 and test, etc. Also you …

Re: Zenith Z180

found this about the HD: JVC Model JD3824R00-1 20 MB HDD RLL, Model: JD-3824R0S0. Part-No EA4779-003 & EA3251-125, 26-pin Connection for Portable Systems (Toshiba T1200, Epson PX-16, Sharp PC-7200) Tokyo Japan 1987 at https://computer-retro.de/Festplatten.html. Second one in the picture looks …

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