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Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
interstate 82 and old starwars games like starwars racer and jedi knight also requires windows xp unless there are fixes for jedi knight and starwars racer in the starwars thread mentioned earlier for modern windows openttd works just fine for that ttd fix nfs 3 and 4 have patches for both xp and …

Re: post up pics of your "computing area"

sometime this year when the new dual garage in my summerhouse is ready and all my old stuff is sorted then I will post pictures of my new main retrolab that will be residing in that garage. I have around 25 old CRTs some video, some TVs, some monochrome, some vga, most are svga etc also two pentium …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
currently some zdoom on an old 32 bit intel mac ... prboom on retropie and gzdoom on a laptop while testing various selfmade mods currently doing 3d models for a gzdoom mod from time to time also testing some unreleased personal mods for oblivion

Re: my retro systems

Nice collection of stuff CBM. Thanks :) Just hope that most of it is still in working order :) A part from the odd dead hdd and low cmos batteries I'm sure they will. I guess I will find out, once I again get the room to have them ready for use :) Talk about a decent collection, that's something I …

Re: NFS4 High Stakes IN WINDOWS XP

in Windows
I remember using an "XP-Patch" made for need for speed 4 high stakes around 2005-ish I found out on this forum that there is also a windows 10 patch: Need For Speed 4 Modern Patch http://veg.by/en/projects/nfs4/ so that means that game will now run on : windows 9x windows xp windows 10 this patch …

Re: FYI: Steam drops XP/Vista in 2019

in Milliways
what about fallout 3 that game ONLY works with xp or vista whats the point of even getting that game on steam then I too was unable to run Fallout 3 on windows 10 using Steam... but when I decided to buy Fallout 3 on GOG, then it worked without any issues (the GOG version, the steam version has …

Re: S3D GLQuake - any real value in it?

in Marvin \ Video
So this guy here is running GLQuake on a P3 1ghz with Win98 and his S3 Virge GX is at 400x300: https://youtu.be/llYTUPUEPBE?t=805 He doesn't do a benchmark or anything but it seems playable. But yes, not sure why you would choose this over a software renderer - like WinQuake. nice! when I get some …

Re: King's Quest V

in DOS
Unless you are very enthusiastic about running the game on an old system, then I can recommend the remakes, some of them can be seen in the link below https://www.dosgamers.com/dos/dos-games/kings-quest on the other hand... the original DOS EGA versions also have a certain charm I guess 😀

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