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Re: Downgrading Dx Versions

The only time I've seen it be useful is for some Aureal Vortex 2 VXD-based sound drivers (> version 2015) that can BSOD the system on any DirectX after 7.0a for some reason after playing a game. However that alone makes me prefer not to run a newer DirectX than necessary for the games and hardware. …

Re: Matrox Mystique 220 crash

These cards are actually somewhat problematic. There was some controversy back then with video drivers doing evil things with the PCI bus in order to win benchmarks. Matrox was partaking in this. It can cause problems like sound skips, text and mouse pointer corruption. http://cdn.preterhuman.net/ …

Re: Ensoniq AudioPCI problems

What is the motherboard? You need a chipset from around those times to get the hardware support needed for the ISA emulation the driver does for DOS sound. It's a complex topic but has been discussed thoroughly on here. And yeah definitely need EMM386 for it to work in pure DOS.

Re: What scary games require booze to take the edge off?

in Milliways
VR horror is indeed the next level. But I do enjoy my TV horror gaming as well and there is a lot of stuff. If you want to be frightened some suggestions are any Amnesia, any Outlast, Soma, Visage, and RE7. Alien Isolation is good if you like the Alien franchise (nightmare mode is an...interesting …

Re: Recurring BSOD on my system

Might be related to the PCIe bridge chip on the card. The GPU is actually natively PCIe so they use a chip called Rialto that converts AGP to PCIe. Try some older drivers. Especially any that mention AGP / PCIe bridge chips. Search the forum too because these bridge cards have been thoroughly …

Re: HELP! - GeForce FX5600 in win98se

Keep in mind that Nvidia was aggressively tweaking their driver at the time to get more speed at reduced quality, and 3DMark is their first stop because it sells cards. Trying to beat Radeon 9800 with Geforce FX must have been stressful over at Nvidia HQ.

Re: Multi-Monitor support for Supreme Commander

I play lots of Forged Alliance. If I remember right, there's another approach to this with the game. You can set it to windowed, stretch it across the monitors, and then run split screen (Home key). You might prefer windowed mode anyway since you can easily do other things in Windows while playing. …

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