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Re: Voodoo 2 component map

Is C48 (component side, lower right) also missing? Can't really make it out on the photo. The trace damage near the VGA connector should be checked with a multimeter. It looks quite severe. Yep, it is broken right off. sdz spotted it an provided the correct value for it (1nF 25V 0603). For the …

Re: Voodoo 2 component map

Hoping wrote on 2020-08-13, 14:23: Hi, C108 is on the values chart as 1nf 25v Ah, I missed that. Thanks. It is in a different location on the CT6670 compared to board layout in the original post. It is a bit further down.

Re: Voodoo 2 component map

C9 on your card is a 3.3-4.7uF, minimum 6.3V, 1206 cap. You're also missing C48 (top side, bottom right corner), this is a 1nF 25V 0603 cap. Awesome! Thanks so much sdz. Good catch on C48, I totally missed that one. Now that I'm looking more closely, I see a few more: 1. C128 is missing from the …

Re: Voodoo 2 component map

I just got a banged up Creative CT6670 Voodoo 2 on eBay. I had to straighten quite a few legs on all three chips, but all appear to be good now. There is also some trace damage it seems near the VGA connector. I fixed some of the solder damage there. From what I can see, only one surface mount …

Re: Badscrew's build diary: WIP N°1

I was finally able to flash the new bios, it went well. The board is still running. I disabled the on-board audio, however wasn't able to overclock the processor: with FSB at 75 MHz it runs but locks up periodically; had to go back to 68 (yes, there is 66 and 68 MHz setting which was a default). I …

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