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Re: Compaq Deskpro SFF P3 500Mhz - Restoration (and loud "thinking noise" issues - would a PCI card improve?)

I use the same system for retro gaming, though upgraded with a Tualatin CPU (running at 100MHz FSB). I don't remember how noisy the built in card was. I recommend a standalone ISA card; ESS, Aztech, MK8330. It's a broad topic. A separate sound card also gives you a game port for midi purposes. …

Re: Jedi Knight DF2, Red book audio, and CD-ROM Drives

in Windows
Are you using an analog or digital connection to your cd rom drive? Furthermore, if you're using wdm drivers there's the option of playing back audio digitally over IDE instead of the separate cable, this might also have an impact. I don't remember off the top of my head where this setting is …

Re: Your favorite 4:3 1600x1200 @ 70Hz+ LCD?

See https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=89098 If the reason you want 70Hz is because you're planning on showing perfectly scaled 320x200 DOS games, you're out of luck. Monitors perform incorrect scaling for that resolution and 4:3 ones don't support 70Hz, as far as I'm aware. Also note that …

Re: The Graphics card of the year 1997

I had a similar system back in 1996, it came with a 2mb Virge card. I played all the games you mentioned, it even came with Pod because of the MMX cpu. It's also fun to try the Virge (s3d) version of that game. In 1998 or I upgraded it with a Voodoo2, although it might have been wasted on that …

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