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Re: What sound card do you use on your modern PC ?

in Milliways
Schiit Modi USB DAC. I'm a big fan of USB DACs. When I first built this machine I couldn't use my X-fi anymore (no PCI slots) and even though you always read about onboard audio being "good enough" now, it was horribly noisy. A USB DAC fixes that and what I especially like is that it doesn't need …

Re: Trouble with Aztech SG Waverider 32+

Having briefly played with the Aztech drivers, I didn't notice any noise when clicking in Explorer, but I'll focus on that tomorrow. Gone from the MIDI devices listing is the Microsoft GS synth, is this because of the VXD drivers? Guess I'll test that tomorrow too. I'll probably keep them as I'd …

Re: Trouble with Aztech SG Waverider 32+

I had the same issue with demofm.exe (the FM test from Diagnose) with my azt2316 card. It seems its OPL is speed sensitive for some applications. However, games like Doom work fine. Why exactly do you want to use the Win95 driver? I don't think it'll perform better than the Win98 driver(s). Win98 …

Re: Aztech Sound Galaxy cards

Just wanted to share that a while back I posted about Doom only having sound after being started twice with my AZT2316. Now I've got an AZT2320 and it doesn't have that issue! It still does have the issue that Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure will only sporadically play Adlib music.

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